Useful Information

Useful Information

Frequently asked questions

What will I bring to my appointment?

  • A letter of referral or request form from your referring doctor
  • Medicare card
  • Health fund membership details
  • Pension/Health Care Card
  • Chest x-rays (if you have any)
  • List of current medications

Do I need a referral?

Without a referral patients are not entitled to a full rebate from Medicare. This applies to both new patients and existing patients returning for a follow up appointment.

Where are you located?

We are located on Cleary St, just off Beaumont Street Hamilton. We are just around the corner from Cold Rock ice creamery.

Do you have onsite parking?

We unfortunately do not have any parking at the clinic however, on street parking can be found on Cleary Street. Parking is two hour non-ticketed parking. If you require parking for disabled or elderly patients who are not able to walk long distances, please call our rooms and we will discuss alternate plan for you.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes, we have a ramp at the rear of our 58 Cleary Street building and a door bell for patients to alert reception when you have arrived to the backdoor.
We also have a ramp to the front door of 58A Cleary Street.

You have two buildings, how do I know which one to go to?

Yes, we have two separate buildings side by side. There is directional signage at the front of each building and these signs will indicate which building your doctor or test is being held in.

What happens during the echocardiogram?

The technician will offer you a gown, place electrodes on your chest and use gel to enable the transducer to glide across your skin. The doppler is documented on the screen to our computers. The echocardiogram usually takes about 30 minutes to perform. After this you will be given ample opportunity to tidy up and re-dress.
For paediatric echos, we supply children’s DVD’s to entertain our paediatric patients to help them settle and feel more comfortable for the duration. For babies, a pacifier or bottle can be given, as it is ideal to have a happy baby to obtain good pictures.

How do I get my echo result?

Echo reports are sent back to your referring doctor either through a secure messaging system or via post within a week. Your referring doctor will provide you with your results.

How much will my appointment be?

We are a mixed billing practice.
We provide bulk billing for pension and health care card holders. However, Dr Ross Mejia is an exception to this and does not provide bulk billing.
For any in-patient hospital services, we direct bill to the health funds and there is no out of pocket expenses to our patients from our practice for in-patient services.
Please feel free to discuss our billing policy with our practice manager should you be having difficulties. We will endeavour to assist you.

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