Useful Information

What will I bring to my appointment?

  • A letter of referral or request form from your referring doctor
  • Medicare card
  • Health fund membership details
  • Pension/Health Care Card
  • Chest x-rays (if you have any)
  • List of current medications


We have on-street parking only.  There is no parking behind our building.

Disabled access

Please contact reception so that we can meet you at the rear door of the “yellow house” at 58 Cleary St.  There is a ramp at the back of the building allowing disabled access.  There is a ramp in 58A which is front access for patients who have appointments in the “grey house”.

Information Sheets

Standard Echocardiograms

Paediatric Echocardiograms

Saline Contrast Echocardiogram

Echocardiogram with Sedation

Event Telemetry

Exercise Stress Test

Westmead Childrens Hospital

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital

Lingard Private Hospital

What happens during the echocardiogram?

The technician will offer you a gown, place electrodes on your chest and use gel to enable the transducer to glide across your skin. The doppler is documented on the screen to our computers. The echocardiogram usually takes about 30 minutes to perform. After this you will be given ample opportunity to tidy up and re-dress.

For our paediatric patients, we supply children’s DVD’s to entertain our paediatric patients to help them settle and feel more comfortable for the duration. For babies, a pacifier or bottle can be given, as it is ideal to have a happy baby to obtain good pictures.

There is no preparation for a foetal scan. You do not need to have a full bladder.

Our billing policy

Patients are requested to pay on the day of service. The fees are explained to you when making the appointment.

For consultations we can claim your Medicare rebate with Easyclaim (direct to your bank account, via EFTPOS).

For Echocardiograms we can claim your Medicare rebate with Patient Claiming either via cheque or into your bank account, providing your details are lodged with Medicare.

We bulk bill for pensioners and health care card holders.

For any in-patient hospital services, we direct bill to the health funds and there is no out of pocket expenses to our patients from our practice for in-patient services.

Please feel free to discuss our billing policy with our practice manager should you be having difficulties. We will endeavour to assist you. No patient will be refused treatment in our practice if they genuinely cannot afford to pay on the day.

For referring doctors

The following form is intended for use by referring doctors: Echo Request Form.

Privacy Policy

Please note our privacy policy here.