Newcastle Adult & Paediatric Heart Centre

Our Fees

Dr Nicholas Collins, Dr Rachael Hatton, Dr Jascha Kehr, Dr Nicholas Whitehead, Dr David Baker, Dr Gwilym Morris, and Dr Paul Bamford

Item noDescriptionPrivate FeeConcession FeeRebate
110New patient$300$200$143.35
55126Paediatric echo$350$250$212.50
55126Adult echobulk billed
11729Stress test$300$200$142.45
Event monitor$40$40n/a
Heart bug$40$40n/a
Script request$40$40n/a
RMS forms$40$40n/a
110 & 55126Consult and echo$540$430$355.85

NOTE: Congenital heart patients and pre-existing patients may be eligible for bulk billing. Please contact our friendly reception staff to discuss further if you have any questions in relation to our free structure. 

Dr Ross Mejia and Dr Pankaj Saxena (Cardiothoracic Surgeons) 

Item noDescriptionPrivate FeeRebate
104New patient$300$80.85

Dr Anne Ronan (Geneticist) 

Item noDescriptionPrivate FeeConcession FeeRebate
132New patient (45 mins complex)$500$300$250.65
133Review (review complex)$300$200$125.55
110New patient$300$200$143.35