Our Services

Our Services

Our doctors provide consultations for management of cardiac problems.  Patients must be referred by a general practitioner, or specialist physician.   A referral/request form must be obtained and supplied on the day of the consultation/echocardiogram service.


  • Adult echocardiograms
  • Paediatric echocardiograms
  • Contrast echocardiograms
  • Foetal echocardiograms (20-22 weeks – foetal scans can be performed from 18 weeks gestation until later in the pregnancy if deemed necessary by the referring doctor)

Our echocardiograms are performed by our specialised technicians. Our echocardiograms are performed on our own patients, as deemed necessary by our cardiologists and also outpatient referrals from general practitioners and hospitals.

Our technologists perform the study, the cardiologist reviews the study and a report is forwarded to the referring doctor. Should a serious abnormality be detected, the technicians will always check with the cardiologist on duty, before you leave our practice. For routine results, a patient is referred back to their doctor who can refer to one of our cardiologists at a later date if this is deemed necessary by the referring doctor.

Standard Echocardiograms

Paediatric Echocardiograms

Saline Contrast Echocardiogram

Echocardiogram with Sedation

Exercise Stress Testing

We perform exercise stress testing on our existing patients. A technician assists the doctor to perform this test.Patients are required to dress comfortably and wear appropriate footwear (ie joggers). Male patients may be shaved on their chest where electrodes have to be placed.

Your heart rate will be recorded during the test, pre exercise, during exercise and post, rest periods. The result will be forwarded to your referring doctor, and the doctor will discuss your result on the day with you.

Event Telemetry Machines

We offer outpatient event telemetry machine services. The event telemetry machines are given to the patient for a period of approximately 4 weeks time. During this time, if patients have an arrhythmic event the machine is placed on the chest and it records/saves the ECG recording for downloading at a later date.

A cash only deposit will be required for the loan of the event monitor, this will be explained to patients at the time of booking.    The deposit is fully refunded when the event monitor is returned

Our doctors liaise with the patients and referring doctors to provide results of this test at the completion of the four week assessment.

ECG & Event Telemetry Outpatient Service

(Technician Emily Morris)

Newcastle Adult & Paediatric Heart Centre provides a service for outpatient ECG’s and Event telemetry performed by our cardiac technician, reported on by our Cardiologists. We perform ECG’s & Event Telemetry monitoring on paediatric patients, adult patients and congenital heart disease patients.  

Please fax request form to 49 693835  for the appointment to be made.

Our request forms are available either as an online template compatible with Medical Objects/Best Practice or downloaded from our website or as a hard copy from our office. Please contact our receptionists to obtain request forms either in hard copy or as an online template. 

We will accept a referral letter stating ECG OR Event Telemetry only required.

All ECG’s & *Event Telemetry performed by our technician will be bulk billed. Our technician will be available Thursdays for these appointments. For urgent ECG’s or Event Telemetry monitoring please contact our office on 49 621811.

* Event Telemetry – a cash-only, refundable deposit is required for each machine loaned.